Rights and Duties of passengers

When a passenger acquires an airline ticket does is sign a contract of carriage with the airline, ie it has rights but also obligations contracts must comply to the letter. In order to improve service delivery, the Civil Aviation issued Resolution 04498 of 15 November 2001, which sets standards that must be met by the traveler and the conveyor.

For this reason Aerocivil recommends users of this mode of transport carefully read the ticket or service contract that is printed on the back cover, in order to be aware of their rights and obligations.

Then we explain the rules must be submitted to the two parties involved in the purchase of an air ticket.

Traveler’s Obligations

  • It is the duty of the passenger confirm and reconfirm the quota assigned by the airline and cancel bookings when these can not be used.
  • The passenger must allow review of your luggage with X-ray equipment
  • If the passenger carrying firearms, you must report them to the competent authorities. Weapons must be packed in a suitable case and will be returned at the destination airport.
  • You can not transport acids, alkalis, electric accumulators, mercury or instruments that contain radioactive materials, suitcases or briefcases with built-in alarm system or electronic equipment that can disrupt communication systems of the aircraft and affect flight safety.
  • Passengers must abide by the instructions given by the crew regarding safety or conduct during the flight, from the time of shipment and during taxiing, takeoff, flight, landing and disembarkation. The commander is the highest authority on board the aircraft, so the crew and all passengers are subject to their authority.

Not allowed during the flight

  • Travelers should refrain from unbuckling their seatbelt or rise from his chair in unauthorized by the crew moments.
  • Obstructing alarms and fire detection systems or other contingencies, installed on the aircraft.
  • Consuming food or beverages not provided by the carrier without your permission. .Ingresar the aircraft or stay in an advanced state of alcoholic or under the influence of prohibited drugs poisoning.
  • Smoking in any part of the aircraft on domestic flights, or unauthorized thereof, in those flights where it is allowed to do areas.
  • Physically or verbally to any of the passengers or crew of the aircraft or ground personnel attack.
  • Taking behaviors or perform obscene acts.
  • Assume attitudes or expressing comments that may create panic among other passengers.

Contract Breach Compensation

Delays and cancellation of flights airlines have an obligation to compensate passengers as well:

  • When the delay is more than two hours and less than four airline passenger must provide refreshments and provide a telephone communication that does not exceed three minutes.
  • When the delay is more than four hours and less than six hours, well above the passenger must provide food, breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the time.
  • When the delay is longer than six hours, the passenger is entitled to other of the above, compensation of 25 percent of the value of the trip or any other form accepted by the user.
  • When this delay exceeds 10 pm (local time), the airline must also provide hosting, if you are not at home and relocation costs, unless the passenger accepts it voluntarily prolong the wait.
  • If a passenger had a reservation and it was time to board the plane is rejected by overselling of tickets, the airline is obliged to send on the next flight. If you do not have quota, the carrier shall make the necessary arrangements for shipment to another company as soon as possible.
  • In anticipation of the flight over an hour, without notifying the passenger, or when when they had warned it impossible to travel in the new schedule, you must fix the problem in the shortest time possible.
  • If the passenger does not accept any of the solutions to it by the airline may demand money back without penalty for both parties.

Rights of the air sector rights

  • If you want to transport your pet, you can do it, but with permission from the airline to take it as part of your luggage. Generally pets must be registered and placed in the aircraft hold. To do this advance notice in order to separate the guacal where the pet will be mobilized.
  • A blind passenger who is guided by a trained dog for such a mission may accompany cabin, only that it should go with a muzzle.
  • When you believe that there have been deficiencies in compliance with the terms of their contract of carriage, you can fill out the complaint forms that airlines and travel agencies are as available or complaint form available on the website Aerocivil,aerocivil.gov.co or in positions of service, attention and information for each airport.
  • The airline is liable for damage or injury caused to passengers and their belongings during the trip.
  • Incident with volumetric baggage, the passenger concerned must immediately go to the airline counter to record employees to damage their luggage.
  • Lost luggage on domestic flights passengers must make your complaint in writing within three days of the flight both the airline and the aviation authority, in order to obtain a final solution. If the airline does not solve the problem, this will be punished and forced to comply.