Personal Data Management and Policy

This document contains the policy for personal information management in PROVIDENCE TRAVEL. It aims to communicate the characteristics and conditions of the collected information and the rights of holders, update or correct such information and the procedures for accessing and request removal.

Information we request

The personal data we collect, which in any case is private, is:

  • Full name / Company name
  • Date of birth and gender.
  • And email address (personal or business)
  • Land phone line and cell phone  (personal or business)
  • Fax (personal or business)
  • Business contact data, portfolio, treasury and those needed in the development of the overall operation.
  • Information relating to financial institutions and bank account details.

How we use Information

Our customers, suppliers, potential customers, employees, partners and third parties authorize PROVIDENCIA TRAVEL to use, collection, transfer, treatment, management and deletion of personal data in databases, to enable the use of these communication campaigns, outreach and promotion of products, activities or services developed as part of internal strategies of the company and for internal or commercial administrative purposes such as market research, statistical analysis, satisfaction surveys and promotions offering and sent.

In addition, customers and suppliers of goods or services in their capacity as holders of personal data, by accepting this policy, to authorize PROVIDENCIA TRAVEL:

  • Collect personal data and incorporate them and store them in your database.
  • Using the data provided in communication campaigns, dissemination and promotion or offer of products, activities or services developed as part of internal strategies of the company.
  • Preserving historical records of the company and maintain contact with the owners of the data.
  • Internal or commercial use for administrative purposes such as preparing and presenting quotations, commercial references of experience, market research, statistical analysis, surveys satisfaction, offering benefits or recognition of our own loyalty program.
  • Study and analyze the information provided for monitoring and improvement of products, service and attention.
  • Check, check or validate the data provided.
  • Linking as a contractor or supplier.
  • Control and fraud prevention.
  • Control and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Deliver the information collected to third parties with which the company contracted storage and management of personal data, under the standards of security and confidentiality which are required
  • Reports to credit bureaus for breach of the financial liabilities of the business relationship
  • Celebration, implementation and management of business proposals and contracts subject to the services provided.

. By accepting this policy, customers, suppliers, potential customers, suppliers, partners and third parties as holders of personal data, authorize PROVIDENCIA TRAVEL, without this the payment of any consideration, for use by partially or full, including collection, storage, use, processing, disclosure, transmission or transfer of the data supplied to the execution of the purposes described above. Meanwhile those who provide personal data of its beneficiaries, dependents, employees, managers declare that they have prior authorization by those to give such treatment.

PROVIDENCIA TRAVEL You may act as a controller or personal information, depending on the purpose for which the personal data obtained, so that it undertakes to fulfill the responsibilities for each fixed by the regulations.

Share information

PROVIDENCE TRAVEL shall not sell personal information collected from customers and suppliers of goods or services, as also refuse to share this information with any outside individual or entity not authorized.

Personal information collected may be provided when PROVIDENCE TRAVEL good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to:

  • Avoid legal liability.
  • To comply with a requirement of a governmental or regulatory authority.
  • To comply with laws, regulations, subpoenas or court orders

This, always in accordance with current regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Data Protection

PROVIDENCIA TRAVEL It shall refrain from any to partial, incomplete, split or misleading personal data treatment. If that information is released to third parties for processing PROVIDENCE TRAVEL ensure that it is truthful, complete, accurate, updated, verifiable and understandable.

The collected personal data may be stored or processed on servers, which is authorized by the owner of the data by accepting this Policy.

Third parties engaged to administer the information collected are required to comply with security protocols, including the signing of confidentiality agreements.

Holders’ rights over their information

Customers, partners and suppliers of goods or holders information services have the right to access, query and know the personal details that are in our database, and correct them if they are inaccurate or incomplete, and cancel them when decide.

They also have the right, under the terms of Law 1581 of 2012, to:

  • To know, update and rectify your personal data against data controllers or processors. This right may be exercised, among others against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, split data, misleading, or those whose treatment is prohibited or not authorized.
  • Request proof of authorization granted to the controller unless expressly excepted as a requirement for treatment in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Law 1581 of 2012.
  •  Be informed by the controller or the processor, upon request, regarding the use given to their personal data.
  • To submit to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce complaints for violations of the provisions of this Act and other regulations that modify, add or supplement.
  • Revoking the authorization and / or request the deletion of data when the treatment not the principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees are respected. Revocation and / or deletion proceed when the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce has determined that the treatment the person responsible have engaged in conduct contrary to the law and the Constitution.
  • Access free of charge to their personal data have been processed.

To exercise their rights, they can:

The application must have at least the following information:

  • Names and surnames / Company Name
  • Type and number of identification document (identity card or aliens, or NIT)
  • fixed or cell phone contact (city)
  • Email
  • Subject: Database

Effective policy use of information and data protection

We reserve the right to make at any time modifications or updates to this policy. However these changes will be available to the public through the following means: through our websites. Should changes referring to authorized purposes, we will obtain a new authorization from the owner.

This policy applies to the database that manages PROVIDENCIA TRAVEL from the date of authorization and until the purpose for which the personal data was treated is exhausted.

This policy has been published for the information of the headlines through our website in order to obtain consent for handling personal information and to authorize its use for the purposes specified in this document.

In addition the owner states that the information recorded previously owned or has been authorized to share with PROVIDENCE TRAVEL, under this policy, as the case and declare that each recorded data are true.