Payment Reversion Request

Dear consumer:

Requests for payment reversal call the customer service line Providencia Travel the following numbers:

San Andres Island (8) 5128595. Mobile 57 315 ​​5552990


To request the reversal of the money you paid for your purchase through and / or our fixed number 85128596 we inform you that according to the statement in Decree 587 of 2016, the application must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a purchase made through Does not apply to purchases or face payments or for airline tickets.
  2. You must indicate in our application form reversal payment, one of the grounds for requesting it. Please note that these causes are indicated by law and it is mandatory that your claim is framed within one of these situations:
    • When you have been a victim of fraud
    • Where appropriate an operation that has not requested
    • When you have not received the purchased product in the allotted time.
    • When the product received is not the one who bought, or does not meet informed about it.
    • When you received the product found to be defective.
  3. It must indicate clearly the value requested to be reversed (must correspond to the price of timely service being requested reversal) and means of payment bank account, credit card or debit card or who was charged the purchase.
  4. Your application may be filed through our format requirements reversal of payments that can be found here or in our headquarters in San Andrés Travel Providencia Islands.
  5. Remember to submit your request for payment reversal has up to five (5) business days after knowing the situation that motivates the reversal of payment.
  6. Should not the holder of the payment means with which the transaction was made, remember who must apply directly to the financial institution is the owner, however you can submit to Providencia Travel your claim to validate information.
  7. If requested by the reversal of periodic payments can notify your financial institution about its decision to revoke the authorization to make payments by such means, or present to Providencia Travel request for payment reversal.

Enter the information requested below and an executive of Viajes Falabella will contact you shortly to meet your requirements.
Data of the person


Product dates

Supplementary documents

Payment Identification to which the Operation was charged


Reasons that support the Request

Remember to fill out all the fields on the form. Does not apply to purchase of air tickets or for sales or face payments. Does not apply to cards issued abroad.

In the event that the reversal by the issuer of the payment instrument and Commerce have directly made the return of the price paid is made, the consumer will be responsible for returning the resources directly to Trade.

In the event that no appropriate reversal, and the same has been done, any dispute arising from the claim for reversal of payment and provided that there pronouncement of a judicial or administrative authority to determine that it was not appropriate, remember that consumer will be responsible for all costs incurred during trade reversal.

If in the process sparked by controversy in the application and processing of the reversal of the payment, it demonstrated bad faith by the consumer, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce may impose financial penalties up to fifty (50) monthly legal minimum wage (SMMLV).